2 thoughts on “Journalism

  1. Endalk
    Good that you have a category about films. Therefore, I want you to write on your blog and other websites an article to inform the public and to suggest to film professionals to produce a film about refugees and the wasted riches of Africa.

    Here is a typical story of tens of thousands of African refugees seeking survival and better life. It is from an Ethiopian teacher his name is “Abdirizak Mohamed Mohamoud” from Lafaisa, in the Jijiga zone. The story is at: http://tariganter.wordpress.com/2011/11/30/even-if-i-got-a-visa-for-europei-wouldnt-go/

    I posted this real story with my comment on the the reasons that are making Africans suffer in search for better life. It is the story of all Africans. And it must make us act together to get our fair deal.
    For all those Africans who are trapped with poverty they must realize that Western and Arab countries, including the USA and European countries are not the solution but they are behind the problems that created Africa and World poverty; corruption; and armed conflicts.
    Behind every great fortune, there must be a crime, or more. Western and Arab countries devastated Africa before and they are continuing their pillage. Look at Congo; Ghana; Nigeria; Libya; Ivory Coast;…….. and all other African countries.

    There are a lot of African stories that are ignored just because they don’t serve the mainstream globalist Western media.
    I believe that the story of Abdirizak is genuine and very helpful great topic.
    It must be turned into an African movie or documentary for everybody to learn and stop dreaming of the West and look for other real solutions for Africa.

    I wish I can make this guy a hero, a model, and a celebrity.
    Please if you can help Abdirizak to become famous and successful. I will try hard to convince anybody in African film industry to turn his story to a movie or a documentary with emphasis on the looting African natural and human resources.
    Try to contact Abdirizak or find his contact address for me; and make interviews with him and collect more information and resources. I am sure this a good helpful opportunity to make fame and success. I assume, it is also possible to government support on this issue.

    Please give this subject considerable attention.

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