Ethiopian Blogs Roundup

This will be my new weekly post to help you stay up-to-date with Ethiopian social media sphere; here I will round up some of the blog posts and facebook posts that caught my attention.

To begin with survival international released a report this week, “Survival uncovers shocking human rights abuses in Ethiopia” From its first paragraph:

Survival has uncovered shocking new evidence of human rights abuses against tribes in Ethiopia’s Omo Valley, as government efforts to develop lucrative sugar cane plantations in the region intensify

Survival’s report actually comes across with another report on Aljazeera by Dominic Brown, an independent filmmaker and writer which comes under ferocious backing a week and criticism just a before Survival’s report. Here is the link of Aljazeera’s report. And on Guardian’s Global development blog: “Ethiopia dam project rides roughshod over heritage of local tribes people”.

BBC.CO.UK presents a reflective analysis about land grab titled “Land grab or development opportunity?” on its site with a link from World Bank which documented media reports of land deals over the period between 2008 and 2009. You can see Ethiopia’s situation when it is contrasted with the rest of Africa.

The Amharic version of “The Reporter” posts a news report that Andualem Aragie a politician standing trial for terrorism charges is said be beaten in his prison cell by a convicted murderer. In fact this hideous act was allegedly instigated by the ruling party and did not go unnoticed with many Ethiopian social media enthusiast sharing the news and opinions on their walls.

Another main event which frenzied the social media sphere is the death of Sebhat Gebregziabher, celebrated Amharic writers of Amharic Naturalism literature.

Tesfaye Gebreab
who is the centre of a major controversy by drawing disapproval and support from his old buddies and new fans because of his non-fiction books published his new blog of late. And he wrote about his quandary to publish his third major nonfiction book titled “የስደተኛው ማስታወሻ” which can roughly be translated as “The Diary of the Exiled” as he fears EPRP might scan his book and put it on the net as they did same on Mengistu Hailemarim’s Memoir. By the way I recently am having some trouble in accessing Tesfaye’s blog; shall I fear the worst which is obviously blocking

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