Ethio Telecom: Bullying or serving ??

From the time immemorial at least for our generation the grubby old Ethiopian monopoly called ETC, the newly dubbed Ethio-Telecom has been amassing millions of money as a profit. Money-wise it is performing better than it achieved in the past. While millions of its subscribers suffer the very worst of the highest spike of price rises, it seems counter-intuitive that Ethio-Telecom relaxed in that kind of profitability.

As a forcefully loyal and optionless Ethiopian customer to Ethio-Telecom services this has ignited huge discontentment in me. This huge discontentment of mine is turned to be a wrath when Ethio-Telecom allegedly passed a notorious decision to slash ten birr out of every fifty Ethiopian calling cards. Ethio-Telecom products across the range are massively overpriced, as there are no other competitors, in the country reassuring Ethiopians lingering in the telecommunication service dimness.

I’m actually writing this piece as rumors are surfacing high that the telecom is collecting money for the Grand Millennium Dam through calling cards by slashing ten birr out of every fifty Ethiopian These rumors were running for few weeks but today I made it official. It will not be just a gossip anymore; you can also prove it for yourself. Here is the simple step to attest Ethio-Telecom’s bullying. First call 994 which is the monopoly’s TELEPHONE DIRECTOR Services then select a language key after that you should press 22214#1 next you will hear a real disturbing news that you owe the telecom’s debt around 500 birr. Recently while I checked it out my account balance is zero after I have straight away recharged my account with fifty birr calling card. Thanks God my debt it is not 500 birr like earlier though I could not hear my exact account balance. This is a pure bullying. And the result is I have absolutely no trust in anything Ethio Telecom promises, publicly or privately. And probably never will.

In the largest Ethiopian state monopoly transparency and truth are covered in its dissonance of multi-layered marketing strategy. If I borrow a phrase from a certain blog whose Telecom services I believe is far better than ours here in Ethiopia. Ethio-Telecom “treats its clients as would the best drug dealer in any hood, ensuring their “addiction” is fed and they’re kept blissfully comatose. In fact, while Ethio-Telecom is showing the embryonic glimmers of taking years of universal scorn to heart, Ethio-Telecom dysfunctional notion of client service is the epitome of the oxymoronic concept of “nurturing disdain”. I rest my point!Oh, by the way, Ethio-Telecom might get irritated and block this blog. May the god of freedom of expression protect all blogs from being blocked and unblock the blocked ones!

7 thoughts on “Ethio Telecom: Bullying or serving ??

  1. Endalk this is shocking. I have checkd my account and my debt is about 370birr. Shame on them…..I have nothing to say. The Government is deceiving its own people. SHAME!

  2. Endalk, someone had told me to check my balance and how much I “owe” the government and something funny happened. I checked and it said I owed 370birr, like Alazar M in the previous comment. The funny thing was, me and 4 of my other friends checked and for everyone it had said the same balance. How is that possible though? But, thanks for letting us know about this… I didn’t think it was a MUST to pay for that dam…

  3. I don’t expect this guys are here to serve know what i had been paying 4 cents for 100KB data.however at the moment i’m paying 45 cents for 738KB which is almost more than 100%.At least we need to have a service for the money we have paid for.I don’t think they are here to give us a telecom service.besides i have the right not to recieve a junk of SMS at least in the middle of the night.

  4. Hi,
    If you and I not helping our county who will do that:(

    Why it is shame? you should be proud I think becuse you are making a change, you are taking your responsiblity. You have contributing in ethiopia should be proud.

    The Ethiopian Telecom should tell its customer thow.
    If not it is criminal.
    It is a lie
    It is unetical.


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