Why Ethiopian Television (ETV) provokes my wrath

While I may be a normal Ethiopian, I am informed of all Ethiopian issues that go on political and yet I cannot stand watching ETV. Why would I not stand to watch the entire television program designed to inform, entertain or educate the public? It’s straightforward really for about a decade of reasons! Where shall I start, okay let me begin with journalists

These ETV people aren’t really journalists

This may be the biggest argument for not watching ETV. And I say ETV reporters are “shabby” and ETV is like a patient with multiple organ failure. They make news by interviewing a dunce or a bimbo on the street. I together with some friends of mine who share my feelings always know the guy or the woman; he/she’s being interviewed only because he/she is being interviewed in the areas of something ETV consider news. His/her approach, such as it is, consists of saying “you know” with a lot and broadcasting a massive “I’m-so-excited-to-be-part of this project of the millennium”. Besides the journalists always claim that they are promoting Ethiopian renaissance, which I believe is a fallacious claim with the stance of the premier that has stated Ethiopia has only a century old history. If government argues Ethiopia has only a century old history, if they say Axum obelisks has nothing to do with Southern people of Ethiopia which Ethiopian renaissance are they talking about? After all promoting Ethiopian renaissance cannot be news. Otherwise ETV must redefine Johan Galtung’s news values.

The “analysts” of Ethiopian economy, media or politics .

Analysts and pundits of any sort of life be economics or entertainment are supposed to be all-inclusive if not detached. But on ETV any time they wish to slip a bit of an “expert” commentary regarding the “Great Millennium Project” or price fixing on commodities in, they’ll invite an “analyst” -for-hire, someone who will say exactly what the anchor wants him to say. This is evident if you are disgusted enough with”የህትምት ዳሰሳ”. The hosts of this specific program are so despicable as such that presenters, hosts and anchors take on the responsibility of interrogators and negotiators and even attorneys in some cases. And the invited expert for all seasons. No matter what the topic, this chameleon will become an instant expert. He throws in a bit of jargon, comes to some sweeping conclusions and calls on the government to do more. Oh I trust him; because he wears an expensive suit.

Flashy advertisements

Though it is not peculiar to Ethiopia shallowness is being imparted through advertisements through Ethiopian television. I can be a witness that young people are developing a narcissistic behavior because of ads. Flashy advertisements on television only create the urge for impulse buying. What is even more irritating is these ads are produced by a public relation companies that are found to be a proponent of government policy and strategies with some kind of covert, deep rooted economic and political ties with people in government. Here there is no need to mention companies’ names I hope you know what I am talking about. I do have many more reasons but let me keep it short for today!

One thought on “Why Ethiopian Television (ETV) provokes my wrath

  1. My comment is concerned about the content of your advertisement, Local films, dramas, music clips are all biased or stereotyped which reflects most but not all part of the population. I think from this point forward I want to sea advertisement men and women who give a significant contribution(achievement) to the development of the country, not just she/he is pretty face who approximate as mach as possible the face of white men. Of course this is the result of westerns brainwashing us on the shadow of religion, film, music lips and so on. From this point forward our beauty is our duty(achievement) like china’s people unless otherwise we will end up spreading genes of western countries people in our country in particular and in Africa in general. After all black peoples will be stereotyped in their own father land and face extinction. So Africans please revise your cultural definition of beauty and wake up from your sleeps. Revise your religion, media, Art, Education, Advertisements, and save Africans otherwise our country will be invaded without a single bloodshed and foreign military forces, it is not their solders but their genes that will invade our land with the shadow of beauty which is only defined and standardized by economically, culturally, technologically and educationally dominant U GOT IT!!!!!!!

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