“Wey Fereka”

Last week I saw a hilarious but touching video titled “Wey Fereka’’ on facebook as a favorite link from Dire Tube for most Ethiopians. For those who haven’t seen the the video It is awesomely hilarious. I hope it will be a final heart-to-heart discussion to Ethiopian Electrical Power Corporation. Sadly, EEPCO let most Ethiopians down again and again.

I must appreciate all the comedians that team up to show how power cut outrageously frequent in Ethiopia. EEPCO has outdone itself this time than previous years. EEPCO’S service could get no worse. It has become shockingly so frequent that it has been ruining my week days and weekends, but this time a very important weekend was ruined, one I can’t really reclaim. I should have completed my PhD applications thoroughly as January is fast approaching. You know January 1st is a dead line for PhD applications for most US universities. Besides I am starting classes and I should have duplicated course outlines and handouts for my new students. Anyway it is over, thanks EEPCO you have messed up my week!

I heard very pleasant news from a friend of mine that Gilgel Gibe II is set to begin operation in a matter of days. I felt a bit better.

I will be thrilled if I am going to receive some service from Gilgel Gibe II but I did feel sorry for the millions of Ethiopians who don’t get EEPCO’s attention for the last couple of years. I am sure there are thousand horror stories regarding power cut. And it appears there are many more than “Wey Fereka” kind of horror stories in every towns in the country.

Undeniably last year around this time things got better for us. For the first time in several months we had no power cut  for more than four days, and then for more than one week, and then for more than two weeks — and miracle of miracles, it lasted almost more than two months.

Fast forward to this week we are hearing same news that we get used to it that Gilgel Gibe II is set to begin operation in a matter of days. I hope this time things will get better. Please EEPCO do not ever lie to us make felt we are neglected.


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